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设计机构: 厦门博冕设计顾问有限公司







锈板和水泥前台结合的雕塑造型,脱模的竹印背景板, 餐厅的核心汤锅与药材, 手工作坊中使用的药簸箕、秤砣及矩阵墙壁灯等,结合传统手艺的一系列的视觉表现组合, 共同平衡了品牌的空间要点和文化精神。


Maintaining traditional elements and combining modern expression techniques, we hope that this work can indeed interpret the brand connotation of the brand restaurant based on the spirit of craftsmen.


The light and shadow on the ground emphasize the active line at the entrance and lead to the sculptural bar and kitchen. The passage divides the space into two dining areas on the two sides. Bamboo suspended ceilings, bamboo pillars and other external architectural forms are used in the internal architecture. Bamboo chairs and combined slate tables not only present the vitality and toughness of the space, but also emphasize the lively leisure experience.


Hundreds pieces of cement boards are endowed with the ink-and-wash tone of Shu culture. The exquisitely designed rotating screen is composed of different volume materials, creating an atmosphere space with static deconstruction aesthetics and random dynamic light and shadow performance.


The sculptural shape combining the rust plate and the cement front desk, the demoulded bamboo printed background plate, the core soup pot and medicinal materials of the restaurant, the medicinal dustpan, weighing mound and matrix wall lamp used in the workshop, a series of visual expression combinations combined with traditional craftsmanship, to balance the key points of the brand's space and cultural spirit.

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